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Other Activities

Entrepreneurship Development Cell:

Polytechnic has established Entrepreneurship Development Cell with assistance from All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi under EDC scheme. The cell is organizing entrepreneurship awareness camps for rural youth and final year students of diploma and degree at various institutions. It has conducted several entrepreneurship development and skill development programmes.

The objectives of the cell are;

  • To identify and train potential entrepreneurs.
  • To motivate the entrepreneurial instinct and develop necessary knowledge and skills among the participants.
  • To help in analyzing the various options to select the most appropriate product suiting to the entrepreneur and the market.
  • To impart basic managerial skills and understandings to run the project efficiently and effectively and various business related skills of marketing, quality management, production, distribution and human resource management etc.
  • To develop team building, technology up-gradation, growth and above all broad vision about the business.
  • To analyze the environmental issues to be addressed relating to the proposed project.
  • To make the participants learn the basics of Industrial Laws, Factories Act and workers rights and expectations so that they can easily overcome the legal problems.

Counseling Center:
The aim of counseling is to help individuals overcome their immediate problems and also to equip them to meet future problems. Counseling aims at helping the clients understand and accept themselves “as they are”, and counseling is to help the student to help himself. Center provides facilities to help achieve the desired change or make the suitable choice. Our goals are Achievement of positive mental health, Resolution of Problems, Improving Personal Effectiveness, Counseling to Help Change, Decision – Making as a Goal of Counseling and Modification of Behavior as a Goal. The main objectives of counseling are to bring about a voluntary change in student.

The objectives of student counseling are;

  • To give the student, information on matters important to success.
  • To get information about student which helps in solving difficulties and helping the student in working out a plan for overcoming the difficulties – converting weakness to strength.
  • To establish a feeling of mutual understanding between student and teacher.
  • To help the student know himself better-his interests, abilities, aptitudes, and opportunities.
  • To encourage and develop special abilities and right attitudes towards success and inspire successful endeavor toward attainment.
  • To assist the student in planning for educational and professional choices.

Women’s redressal and Grievances cell:
The cell deal with the cases/ complaints of sexual harassment and any other type of harassment of female students, teaching and non-teaching staff of the polytechnic.

The objectives of the cell are:

  • To consider the complaints of grievances from female teaching staff, non teaching staff & girl students.
  • To provide a platform to female staff and girl students grievances either in person or in writing.
  • To undertake motivational & developmental activities for female staff & girl students.
  • To devise welfare schemes for female staff and girl students.
  • To establish dignity, self esteem and respect for women without any gender bias in the polytechnic.
  • Prevent gender discrimination and sexual harassment, by promoting gender amity.
  • Deal with cases of sexual harassment, in a time bound manner and ensuring support services to the victim.
  • Recommend appropriate punitive action against the guilty party to the authorities.

Students/ Staff Development:

  • Arranging Technical talks from experts.
  • Arranging Staff-Students Interaction.
  • Arranging industrial visits.
  • Arrange Personality Development and –
  • Career Guidance Programmes.
  • Arrange faculty Development Programmes.

Academic Advisory Committee:

  • Monitoring the progress of the students.
  • Maintaining the records of all the activities of various committees.

Placement and Training committee:

  • Deputing the students to industrial training.
  • Monitoring and review the industrial training and progress of students in industry.
  • Guiding the industries regarding the training of students.
  • Collecting the feedback from the industries regarding the training of students.
  • Arranging of campus interviews to help the students in securing a proper placement.

Campus Maintenance committee:

  • House Keeping
  • Maintenance of Garden
  • Maintenance of Discipline in the campus


Sports, Culture Committee:

  • Arranging Fresher’s day, Send-offs
  • Conducting Annual Day Celebrations
  • Conducting Sports day.
  • Preparing students for competition in different sports and cultural events at various venues.

Magazine Committee:

  • Tapping the talents among the students.
  • Bringing out the polytechnic magazine “NAVYA”

Alumni Association:

  • The alumni details are computerized and the status of the alumni being updated.
  • Special lecture programmes are being arranged for alumni. Alumni meet is being held once in a year.
    • Cash prizes are being awarded for the toppers of the polytechnic every year.
    •  Technical talks are being arranged for the students and alumni members.
    •  In association with Industry Institution Interaction Cell of the polytechnic is bringing a news letter every year and also it is bringing “Career Plus” every month to help final year students in making their careers bright.

Training programmes
This polytechnic is registered as vocational training provider (VTP), to Provide Skill development training various sectors.

Series KIOSK:
Polytechnic has a multipoint multi-skill service KIOSK. Under this Testing of building materials and quality of water & wastewater are being done.

National Service Scheme:
This scheme is sponsored by Govt. of India and financed by both Central & state Govt.
The objectives of the scheme are:

  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem solving process.
  • Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility.
  • Practice national integration and social harmony.
  • Develop competence required for group living and sharing of responsibility

National Cadet Corps:
Polytechnic has an NCC unit under 1 Karnataka Engineering Coy NCC with its motto “Unity and Discipline” for the development of the student community. It helps in molding the students character and have dynamic outlook during their college education and future. The objectives of which are:

  • To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country.
  • To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always available for the service of the nation.
  • To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the armed forces.

Red Cross Unit:
Polytechnic has a Red Cross Unit sponsored by Govt. of Karnataka. It is conducting various programmes for the benefit of students and staff. Some of them are

      • Free health check-up camps for students and staff members of the polytechnic.
      • Blood donation camp.
      • Workshop for students on ethics in life, work culture, behavioral science, healthy practices etc.

      Production Center:
                  Polytechnic has established a production center.
      Polytechnic is supplying wooden furniture required for educational institutions of JSS Mahavidyapeetha.
      Students will be involved in some of the activities of the center to promote entrepreneurship attitude.



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