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JSSPN Alumni Association was formed during year 1999-2000 and later on it was registered as a registered association during the year 2004-05 with registration number 468/2004-05 with registrar of societies Mysore and  started with one chapter at Nanjangud. The association has an Executive Council having 13 members along with a President and Secretary. The Executive Council has formulated the objectives and activities of the association, which include both short term and long-term goals of the association. It has also formulated the Constitution of the JSSPN Alumni Association along with bylaws for its effectiveness and sustainability. The association has already organized three Alumni meets. It has got Alumni’s spread over the country and also abroad who are have occupying distinguish positions in their field.During the Year 2010-11 Bangalore co-ordinator was made in order to meet the various demands of the alumni’s and also to look after the liaising of the association activities for Bangalore based alumni’s. At present the membership strength of the Association is as follows.

    Diploma in Mechanical Engg       267
    Diploma in Electronics and communication Engg 371
    Diploma in Civil Engg      184
    Diploma in Mechatronics Engg   163
    Diploma in Computer science Engg    92
    Water Technology & Health Science  14     
    Electrical and Electronics     34

  • To establish a sustainable network of globally spread JSSPN Alumni’s
  • To promote liaison between the ALUMNI and the Polytechnic
  • To provide a common platform for the ALUMNI of the Polytechnic.
  • To enable the alumni to participate and contribute for the overall development of the institute.
  • To contribute significantly for the scientific and technological advancements of the country.

At present the following are the office bearers of the association.

Sri Y.M.Sasalaradhya                                                                                                    
Principal,JSS Polytechnic,Nanjangud
Sri Prasad. H.S                                                                                                             
(JTO Govt ITI, Mysore)                                                                                         
Vice President 
Sri Chandrashekaramurthy.K.B                                                                                   
(Lecturer in Mechatronics Dept.JSSPN)                
Sri Guruswamy. M.D                                                                                                       
(Instructor  -Dept of E&C JSSPN)                 
Joint Secretary
Sri Basavarajuswamy. M                                                                                            
Sri .Shivakumar                                                                                                      
Sri .Shamprasad                                                                                                            
Sri Vinod Kumar. P.S                                                                                               
Sri Kumar. M                                                                                                             
Kum. Shobha                                                                                                                
Sri Girish. T.N                                                                                                                 
Sri. Niranjan                                                                                                                  B’lore center co-ordinator
Sri Subramanyam. N                                                                                                     
HOD Mech. Engg & Industrial Liaison officer.
Special  invitee.

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